Chancellor Dr. Glenn DuBois visits the STEM Academy

The Virginia Community College Chancellor, Dr.  Glenn DuBois,  along with members of the Virginia Board of Education and the Governor’s administrative team,visited the STEM Academy on Thursday, September 4th, 2014. They were able to learn about the STEM Pipeline in Region 2000 which begins in the Elementary school , continues at the STEM Academy and culminates with degree opportunities at Central Virginia Community College and other local college and Universities.  Two senior students at the STEM Academy, Cody Beckner and Jamie Lindsay, spoke regarding their education at the STEM Academy.Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-055 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-032 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-029 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-028 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-025 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-018 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-002 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-021 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-041 Chancellor_Dubois_CVCC2014-043