School Counselors Visit STEM Academy

The junior class of students at the STEM Academy hosted the middle and high school counselors from the school divisions of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Campbell and Lynchburg on November 13th, 2014.  School counselors were able to learn more about the STEM Academy, tour the STEM Academy and see student demonstrations.

The counselors learned about putting together the puzzles the STEM Academy students had created and learned about creating and drawing objects in Inventor software. They learned how to measure objects using dial and digital calipers, and made a visit the machining lab.

They also got to watch on of the “Instant Challenges” in engineering about cleaning up an “Oil” spill in the gulf of Mexico.  Students had to plan and design a way to contain and remove the most “oil” from a bucket of water.  The results were very informative and entertaining!

challenge 5


challenge 3

challenge 2
challege 4