Local Business Partners Visit STEM Academy

AECOM Sparks Imaginations of Junior and Senior STEM Students
Both the junior and senior STEM classes enjoyed a hands-on learning experience with Cheryl Giggetts and Rachel Soward of AECOM. The students first watched a presentation about what types of work are associated with AECOM and the types of engineering opportunities that are a part of their everyday work.  12032214_739657152847654_3104390418187842934_n

Following the presentation, the classes were broken into teams and worked on a project to build a tower out of plastic cups. The students were not allowed to touch the cups with their hands, but instead had to work as a team to build the tower with the use of a device that required communication and cooperative effort.


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TRAX Visits STEM Senior Students
Also in September, Michael Casey from TRAX International came to speak to the STEM seniors.  During his presentation, the students learned about government and energy services performed by TRAX. The students also had the opportunity to hear about ProTRAX, a simulator training software which provides in-depth power plant modeling and training capabilities that continually push the boundaries of technology.


Senior Mechatronics Students Hear from AMTI
The last visitors to the STEM Academy in September were Susan Saxon and Greg Sullivan from AMTI. The senior mechatronics students were treated to a hands-on presentation during which they learned about many of the opportunities in various forms of engineering that are available to them at AMTI.

The students were also about to handle and learn about the inner workings of a device worked on in AMTI facilities called FiLIP. This technology is a wearable phone and GPS that can make and receive phone calls from 5 preset phone numbers as well as allowing parents to track their child via GPS. It can also send notifications when a child wearing it enters or leaves preset “safezones.” 12036902_741519169328119_3076623343442019491_n