Director, STEM Academy: Susan Cash has spent the last twenty-five  years in various educational positions, most recently as the Director for XLR8-Lynchburg Regional Governor’s STEM Academy since January of 2013.   Previously she served as the division-wide career counselor for Lynchburg City Schools and as a school counselor at Heritage High School. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in special education from James Madison University.  Cash graduated from Lynchburg College in 2001 with a master’s of education degree in school counseling and earned a master’s of education in education leadership from Lynchburg College in 2012.  She received the 2006 “Creating Excellence Award” from the Virginia Department of Education.

“My vision for the STEM Academy is to offer the students in Region 2000 who are interested in careers in the health science or the mechatronics fields an opportunity beyond the scope of normal high school curriculum to help prepare them for careers in the Region 2000 workforce,” says Cash.  “I envision the STEM Academy as a way to raise student aspirations and attract more students to post secondary education to help provide well-trained workers to meet the workforce needs of existing businesses and aid in the recruitment of new businesses and industries to Region 2000.”

Administrative Assistant: Becky Cox



Beth Shelton, Math

Dr. Carl Pettiford, PLTW Digital Electronics (DE)

Marci Gale , PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

Rex Fisher, PLTW Principles of Engineering (POE)

Steve Boylan, College Chemistry for Engineers

Dr. James Calvert, Industrial Safety OSHA 10

Dr. Rebecca Honeycutt, Physics

David Gaines, Blueprint Reading

 Taz Daughtrey, Cybersecurity

Dr. Joseph Penrod, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Jame Pearson, Medical Terminology