Vision: The vision of the XLR8 STEM Academy is that all students will graduate with multiple options for success in college and/or post-secondary career opportunities.

Mission: XLR8 every child to graduation through rigorous, relevant and innovative curriculum.

Eight Guiding Principles of the XLR8 STEM Academy

  1. I will always act with INTEGRITY on projects and assignments
  2. I understand my studies will require INVESTMENT of my time and talent
  3. I will use my IMAGINATION to reach goals and expand my thinking
  4. I will embrace my INTELLIGENCE to thrive as a leader and team player
  5. I shall seek INNOVATIVE ways problem solve and support my community
  6. I understand that everything I learn has a level of IMPORTANCE
  7. I understand I am an INDIVIDUAL and take responsibility for all of my actions and decisions
  8. I will find INSPIRATION in my pursuit of knowledge to embrace my own future