What Makes Us Unique?

The Lynchburg Regional Governor’s STEM Academy differs from the base school in three ways:

  1. Hands-on Learning: XLR8 STEM Academy offers an opportunity for students who like hands on work, are technically gifted, have an interest and aptitude in applied science and mathematics & a strong work ethic.  Students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills by solving real-world problems using hands-on learning in a team setting.  
  2. Ability to Specialize in STEM Career Area: STEM Academy courses have a career and technical education focus with the curriculum driven by the needs and projected growth of regional industry. All specialty areas offer pathways to post secondary education and high-wage, skilled, in demand careers
  3. Multiple options for Success: Students will be able to take the skills and certifications learned at the XLR8 STEM Academy and chose to enter the job market after graduation or continue their education towards an Associate’s Degree and/or Bachelor’s Degree. The XLR8 STEM Academy offers multiple pathways to a successful future for students.



The STEM Academy is housed on the campus of Central VA Community College (CVCC)

All STEM Academy students are Dual enrolled students at Central VA Community College

Students can earn up to 44 college credits for their classes

Students can earn up to two Career Studies Certificates from Central VA Community College.

STEM Academy classes are weighted courses for Grade Point Average calculations on base school transcripts

Parents/Guardians or student must provide transportation to internship locations in the spring of senior year

STEM Academy operates during the morning hours from 8:00am- 11:00am

STEM Academy is a partnership between CVCC, all five public school divisions, higher education and local business and industry leaders.



All instructors at the STEM Academy are CVCC college professors

Students enjoy more freedoms and are responsible for their own learning and time management

Multidisciplinary connections between science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health science are emphasized

Students learn critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real-world problem solving skills through hands-on project based learning

Students are able to meet and network with local business and industry leaders

Students are able to participate in a semester long internship experience with a local company