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Regional Collaboration Brings XLR8 STEM Academy Vision to Life


The Lynchburg regional area is well known in the commonwealth and nationally as an area of exceptional collaboration. The new XLR8 STEM Academy exemplifies this tradition reaching across school divisions, technical industry leaders, workforce and economic development entities, and higher education to bring together an innovative opportunity for area students.

Collaboration was always known to be the cornerstone of the STEM Academy from the inception of the concept over a year ago. The planning committee understood that beginning a new program under the current economic climate would be extremely challenging. School divisions and localities have been faced with some of the most difficult budget decisions in decades. The decision to push forward with the concept came from a great need vocalized from the private sector for a technically skilled workforce. Elizabeth Narehood, Managing Director of the Future Focus Foundation stated,

“Not only is there a present need for a technically skilled workers, but the forecasts show an even more ominous workforce picture for industry. ” Continue reading