What Is Mechatronics?

What is Mechatronics?
Mechatronics is a combination of precision engineering, electronic control and mechanic systems. It is the science that exists at the interface among the other five disciplines:
• Mechanics
• Electronics
• Informatics
• Automation
• Robotics

What is an Engineer?
Engineers are problem solvers who use every resource possible to bring into existence things and ideas that they imagine. Engineers turn imagination into reality; shape the future; and make a difference!

Engineers work to solve global problems such as world hunger, clean water, protecting the environment and improving the quality of everyday life.

Reasons WHY you should study Engineering:

There is a growing need for employees with 21st century technical skills that include a mix of electrical, mechanical and computer based engineering or mechatronics

You can learn skills which are in high demand such as: AC/DC electronic fundamentals, engineering graphics, PLC control and troubleshooting and analytical and mathematical reasoning

You can use your creativity every day

You have the chance to collaborate with other professionals such as lawyers, doctors, health professionals, government officials, scientists, statisticians and more.

Mechatronics/Engineering is a global endeavor, frequently affording the opportunity for travel.

Mechatronic Technicians/Engineers have the opportunity for rapid advancement in their companies.

Mechatronic/Engineering degrees provide excellent preparation for other professional degrees such as medicine, law or business.


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