Daniel Murphy

William Daniel “Murph” Murphy is an Adjunct Professor of Science, Technology, and Engineering at CVCC, as well as an Electrical Controls Engineer at Automated Conveyor Systems.  He owns the nonprofit Partnership of Educational Manufacturers, which provides local individuals free education and experience in automation and project management as well as direct access to local Original Equipment manufacturers.  He attended DeVry University on a full scholarship, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering in 1999.

Equipment Design for Atacama Large Millimeter Array: Earth’s most complex radio telescope array.

Project Details: Cryostat Positioner (Height and Rotation). Cryostat pumped down using cryomolecular pumps to approx 10e-12 Torr to employ liquid helium in superconductive state. Positioned Cryostat using multi-axis servo system with detachable architecture for shared Loader. Exceeded accuracy demands by 750%. Commissioned systems onsite in San Pedro, Chile.

Equipment Design for ITT Night Vision: Leading Supplier Night Vision Equipment to US Military and Special Forces. Project info is restricted.

Robotic Assembly and Assembly-Assist machine design for Automotive Assembly Lines (Multiple)

Custom Machine Controls for Lumber Industry including machines for waste-product re-utilization.

Positioning System Design for Plastic Extrusion Processes.

Quality Control Automation Design for Supplier of custom laminate metal for U.S. Gold Dollar

Multiple Machine Design for use in creation of Pharmaceutical products,

Automation Design and Implementation for Harley Davidson Soft-Tail Assembly Line

Automation Design and Implementation for United States Postal Service (multiple locations).

Automation Design and Implementation for US Navy