Marcella Gale


Marci is a life-long resident of the Lynchburg area, and attended Governor’s School as an Amherst County High School student. She attended the University of Virginia on a Babcock & Wilcox engineering scholarship, and worked as a coop in the summers in the various divisions of the company. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science. Upon graduation, she took a job in Lynchburg with the General Electric Mobile Communications Division. In her ten years with GE which later became Ericsson, she designed, implemented and tested embedded SW system components for public safety mobile communication systems, including base station control units, voice encryption systems, data transmission, and repeater components used in multi-site voting and simulcast systems. During this time, she was granted three U.S. patents.

Upon the birth of her second child, she opted to stay at home and begin the education of her children there. Over the next almost 20 years, she was very active in the regional home school movement, educating parents in the process, and fostering communication between families and school systems. She organized convention events at Liberty University, working in conjunction with the LU Education Department, to facilitate excellent education at home. Her eldest daughter, Ruthie, graduated Magna Cum Laud with Distinction from Duke University in 2010 with a B.A. in International Relations, a minor in Latin American studies and a Certificate in Spanish. She is currently employed as a market analyst with the Futures Company in Chapel Hill, NC. Middle son Daniel is a rising honors student at Lynchburg College, double majoring in Studio Art and Computer Science, with a minor in German. He is currently working a computer science internship at the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, Germany, which is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. Youngest son Aaron is a CVCC student, working on completing his Welding Associate’s Degree, with plans to continue his studies at a four-year institution and earn a Welding Engineering Technology degree.

When she ran out of people at home to teach in 2012, Marci became a math tutor in the Student Success and Testing Center at CVCC. She tutors all levels of math, as well as a smattering of economics, engineering courses, and philosophy. She enjoys having the opportunity to teach students of a wide age range, helping people to jump the dreaded math hurdle in order to reach their educational goals and life dreams. In 2013, she became an adjunct professor in the math department at CVCC, and works hard to help students overcome their fear of the subject and gain confidence in their abilities to do the math.