XLR8 STEM Academy Partnership Team

The XLR8 STEM Academy Partnership Team is composed of business and industry professionals, college and university representatives, school district superintendents and school personnel.  This team acts as an advocate for the XLR8 STEM Academy and its students in the community and for the advancement of STEM education, PLTW programs and the students in the XLR8 STEM Academy.  This team provides a vital link between the community and XLR8 STEM Academy by providing input in the development and improvement of the programs, helping to facilitate college level recognition opportunities for students, supporting XLR8 STEM Academy Instructors and providing mentoring opportunities for XLR8 STEM Academy students.

Dr. Rob Arnold,  Amherst County Schools
Dr. Annette Bennett,  Appomattox County Schools
Ben Bowman,  Workforce Investment Board
Dr. Crystal Edwards,  Lynchburg City Schools
Dr. Tammy Brown,  Carter Bank & Trust
Dr. John Capps,  CVCC
Dr. Sarah Danaher,  Bedford County Schools
John Vadnal,  Liberty University
Tony Erskine, Sharptop, Co.
Jonathan Greever,  VDOT
Myron Bell,  Delta Star
Larry Hatch , Advanced Manufacturing (AMTI)
Larry Jackson,  AEP
Dr. Bobby Johnson,  Campbell County Schools
Gary Loomis,  Master Engineers & Designers
Megan Lucas,  Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance
Bill McGuinn, Wegmann USA
Carroll Moon, CloudFit Software
Nat Marshall,  BWXT
Beth Murtha,  Framatome
Elizabeth Narehood,  CVCC
Dr. Dana Norman,  Amherst County Schools
David Fazznia,  Liberty University
Stephanie Prokity, Successful Innovations, Inc.
Susan Schjonning,  Swissomation
Dr. Doug Schuch,  Bedford County Schools
Lisa Stewart,  Centra
Anderia Thacker,  Master Engineers & Designers
Luke Towles,  Wells- Fargo
Josh LaFrance  Harris Corporation
Dr. Hank Yochum,  Sweet Briar College