Application and Admission

Students can apply to the XLR8 STEM Academy in the spring of their sophomore year.  Interested students can download an application, teacher recommendation form and counselor form from this website or obtain them from their school counseling office.

Applications are reviewed by the XLR8 STEM Academy selection committee, which includes a representative from each school division as well as representatives from local business and industry.  The Selection committee will meet to determine which students will be offered acceptance for the following year.  Selection is based upon: quality of application content, attendance, discipline, academic achievement, as well as teacher and counselor recommendations.

XLR8 STEM Academy Informational Flyer/Profile Sheet

STEM Academy Brochure

Information Session for Prospective Students & Parents

An evening open house will be held in January or February each year.

Please check with your school counselor or check back here for dates and times

Scheduled for February 6th, 2020 (snow date February 13th, 2020)

Time : 6:00-8:00 pm

Information Session Registration Link


1. Discuss the opportunity with your parent/guardian and school counselor

2. Attend the Information Session with your parent/guardian

3. Fill out the application form and return it to your school counselor.  For your convenience a copy of the application is available HERE. 

4. Ask your school counselor to complete the Counselor Form.  For your convenience a copy of the counselor form is available HERE

5. Ask three of your teachers (1 math teacher, 1 science teacher and 1 other teacher) to write recommendations for you using the form provided.  For your convenience, a copy of the teacher recommendation form is available HERE.  

6. Take the CVCC Placement test in MATH and ENGLISH and  include the results in your application packet.  Your school counselor or CVCC Career Coach will have information about specific dates and times.  Please note you MUST apply to CVCC before taking the test.  Click HERE for additional information.

7. Make sure the application, counselor form, and three recommendation forms are completed and in the hands of your school counselor by the application deadline set by your individual school.

 Please Note:

  • It is recommended that applications be completed online
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to student’s counselor to review &  resubmit in order to be reviewed by the Application Selection Team
  • Applications should be forwarded to the Academy as soon as they are completed.
  • A waiting list is maintained for oversubscribed courses.


Download XLR8 Selection Rubric

Admission Time Schedule

  • April  1st– All applications due to the STEM Academy
  • May 1st- Official notification of acceptance to school counselors and student’s email