I'm a Prospective Student

Thank you for choosing to learn more about the many exciting opportunities available at XLR8 Lynchburg Regional Governor’s STEM Academy!

Students and faculty here at the STEM Academy share a unique opportunity to explore and actively learn about science, technology, engineering, math, and health science. The STEM Academy classroom is an engaging and thought-provoking place, where students develop critical thinking skills through hands-on project-based learning, preparing them to take on real-world challenges. 

Students at the STEM Academy are able to use sophisticated equipment and software, participate in an award-winning internship program, and pursue a rigorous academic curriculum in a college campus environment. Along with the curricular challenges and unique experiences of the STEM Academy program, academically talented, technically gifted, and highly motivated students from eleven high schools attend the STEM Academy to work and learn together, forming a network of friendships that otherwise would not exist.

We wish you the very best in your selection process for the STEM Academy; your completed application is your first step!


Susan Cash, M.Ed